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WordPress has evolved from being primarily a blogging platform to one of the most used open source website development platforms. It powers countless websites on the net and it the task of finding WordPress is quite easy.

There are numerous WP Gurus hence finding one might take some research and asking around. You will need to assess a few to ensure that you choose one that suits your needs. With this in mind, you need to understand what your needs are. This will enable you to be in control of your site and the development process. Following are some of the suggestions on how you can choose WordPress developers.

Check how proficient the developer is in WordPress. This is a critical step. There are a few developers that excel in some areas but are not very good in others. You should be clear on the WordPress features that you need and then check whether the developer can offer them. So, before beginning, you should sit down and list down your needs and do some research to understand the basics used in WordPress.

Find out from the developer the experience he has in WordPress. This does not mean that one with few years of experience is terrible. However, you will have some confidence in the quality of work. Do not assess the overall experience that includes all other technologies in which the developer has worked. Ensure that you check specifically for their experience in WordPress.

Request the developer to show you their portfolio. You will have an idea about the kind of websites that the developer has created. You can then map your needs and asses whether the developer can deliver the quality of work you need. Be sure to ask for more that one sample to make a better judgment.

Even if you do not have a set budget, ensure that you match the quality of services offered with the money you are paying. This is why you should check the developer's portfolio first. You should also discuss the timelines and the deadlines that the developer has to meet. The launch of your company's website should go according to what is in your business plan. Therefore, be sure that the developer can meet the timelines you have set.

Choose a WordPress developer after carefully checking your requirements and mapping them to the expertise of the developers. Interview a couple of developers or agencies, and then make your decision after some careful consideration.
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